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Volunteer Opportunities

There are a myriad of ways to volunteer at HAVEN Women, all of them rewarding:

  • Do a donation drive for our wish list items at your office or in your community
  • Provide resources to the residents. Teach an art, yoga or cooking class; form a book club or fellowship group; mentor the women in business, employment, and financial literacy
  • Cook and serve meals
  • Help with maintenance and repairs around the House
  • Get your office/family/friends involved. Volunteering is a great team-building experience!
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Wish List Items

It takes a lot of supplies to run HAVEN Women 24/7/365. With new residents arriving all the time, we need to constantly restock and be prepared for daily service and extraordinary needs. Our wish lists are a great way to help HAVEN Women, and allow you to choose exactly where your donation goes.

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